Focused on you

Based on the market needs and consumers lifestyles Siera design and manufacture accessible and high performance products, which we sell all around the world through qualified distribution channels.


Work constantly on developing new and improved products, incorporating the latest advances in technology to meet the changing needs of today’s world.


Siera has adopted as its own the highest quality standards of the world. This means we apply strict controls on all internal processes of the Company, controls that we also encourage and demand from our suppliers and distributors around the world

Siera is worldwide

Recognized as a manufacturer of high technology products which are simple to use, that have been designed to meet the needs of different markets.


Siera is committed to environmental care in all its operations with the idea that “being environmentally friendly and succeed in future generations” is a social responsibility. Siera works on continuous improvements of the environment to become a reliable company in Europe and in global societies.