Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Our Security Camera Products?



It has become increasingly important to find a reliable manufacturer forSecurity Cameras, Surveillance Recorders, and Security Camera Accessories. Weknow our surveillance equipment down to every detail and we are alwaysimproving our security camera line. When we develop a new security cameraproduct, we get rid of an older security camera technology that doesn’t meetour high standards.

In fact, we spend thousands of hours painstakingly searching for the bestsecurity camera components available on the market. This, combined with ourunlimited FREE tech support service, hours of educational videos, endlesssupport forums, and extremely helpful sales team gives you a buying experienceof security cameras that is second to none.


From the moment you seek us for your security camera surveillance needs, westrive to provide you with a service level that exceeds your requirements andexpectations. On our website, you will find Security Camera How-to Videos, CCTVforums, Security Camera articles, and Security Product Specifications.

Our highly trained and experienced sales staff will simplify your securitycamera purchasing experience and also make certain you obtain the correctsecurity equipment for your application and budget. This is only the beginningof your service experience with us. We also provide you with ongoing supportlong after your products are delivered. Whether you need assistance using orinstalling your surveillance equipment, or you need to inquire about apotential equipment failure, we provide you with many different forms ofsupport to help you through the process of securing your premises.


Setting up, maintaining, or troubleshooting a security system can beconfusing, difficult, or even terrifying to the novice. We know and understandthis, and do everything we can to assist you in making the process as quick andsimple as possible. We provide you with security camera how-to videos, forumgroups, and a tech support team that lead in our industry.

Additionally, we properly equip our technical team with tools that enablethem to help you in ways many other companies can’t. Our techs are evenequipped with the ability to remotely log into your computer with yourpermission, and make the changes themselves, if needed.

Who Needs a Security Camera System?


Retail Stores

Theft, either from a customer or store workers, is a primary concern forbusiness owners.

Security Camera Systems can help the business owner increase productivity,reduce loss, reduce waste, eliminate theft, and provide unique opportunitiesfor training. The combined benefits of a security camera system in retail caneasily pay for the cost of the system several times over. You can monitor oursystems even when you are not in your store.


Security Camera Systems play a huge part on school campuses. These days weentrust our children to our government and society from Elementary all the wayto College.

There have been many instances where horrible tragedies have occurred.Other than catastrophic events, school campuses need to be guarded againstvandals, trouble makers, and other forms of attack. Our children, and theirsafety, are important. The quality of their daytime learning environment needsto be monitored and security camera systems allow administrators to keep an eyeon the school’s surroundings and protect the children.

Parking Lots

One of the most common crimes is vehicular break in and car-jacking. Thisis primarily because of how difficult it is to monitor such a large space.

We provide specialized solutions like large resolution megapixel camerasand auto-tracking motorized cameras. These solutions give the advantage to thehome or business user and provide a much greater chance of obtaininginformation that can lead to incrimination of violators.

Residential Homes

Your home is your castle. It needs protecting. Security Camera systems area great deterrent.

When a potential intruder sees that you have Security Cameras, they will goon to the next house. You gain the visual deterrent of having them attached toyour home plus the functionality of the recordings to provide evidence in theevent something does occur on your property. Also, when you are at work, youcan monitor your house on your Smart Phone or computer providing you peace ofmind. We provide that software for FREE.

Why Do I Need a Security DVR Camera System?

Prevent or Catch Theft

Most people think of security cameras in their functional sense. Theyprovide surveillance recordings which can be turned over to law enforcementofficials.

These recordings are critical the vast majority of the time because theyprovide insight as to who or what was involved in any given situation; theability to rewind time and see what happened. There are other non-functionaluses for cameras as well. For instance, in many cases a criminal seeking out atarget location will avoid properties with security cameras on them altogether.Essentially they choose to find an easier target.

Monitor Employees, Customers, And Operations

Security Camera Systems allow supervisors and business owners to diverttheir attention to other tasks or requirements while never taking their eyesaway from their employees, customers, or machines.

Security Surveillance Video supervision is one of the most useful purposesof surveillance cameras of any sort today. This type of security camerainstallation is further empowering when you add in the ability to remotelyaccess your surveillance cameras. This means you are no longer tethered to theoffice which contains the Security Camera DVR. Now external devices likephones, tablet computers, laptops, and full-sized computers can all be used tosee through the Internet to your camera system safely, and securely. We providethose security camera apps and software for FREE!

Home Care Record and Monitoring

Every news agency in America has run a story on a poor, mischievous,abusive, dishonest, or otherwise unacceptably performing home careprofessional.

From elder care to child care or nannies, keeping an eye on those in yourhome or the home of those you love can give you the tools you need to intervenebefore something problematic happens. Now you can keep an eye on your lovedones safety with the help of a Security Camera Surveillance System.

Prevention of Incident Claims

Everyone knows that there is an increasing large number of fraudulentincident claims. The insurance industry and your business run the risk of beingunduly sued for a falsified claim every day you are open.

One of the best ways to prevent these sorts of fraudulent claims is to keepyour general access areas at the least covered in Security SurveillanceCameras. Some businesses choose to use hidden cameras for this due to their lowprofile nature and therefore inoffensive to their clientele. Others choose highprofile designs in order to discourage the events from happening at all.

Multiple Viewing Platforms (iPhone, iPad and Android)

Everyone knows that there is an increasing large number of fraudulentincident claims. The insurance industry and your business run the risk of beingunduly sued for a falsified claim every day you are open.

Our units support Safari and Internet Explorer, Android and iPhone, PC andMac, and a host of others. This allows you to remotely view your SecurityCamera System and gives you the freedom to go about your business. We providethe Security Camera Mobile Apps and Viewing Software for FREE.