Multi-Family Protection System helps safeguard your portfolio from millions of dollars’ worth of damage due to water negligence, defective water systems, fire incidents and more.


Smart Smoke Detection System

Wireless smoke sensor network, instantaneously notifies of incident, minimizing potential risk. This perfect complement to the existent fire system, alerts of possible risk to your team, from maintenance to administration or even an automatic call to first responders.

Smart Temperature Control Module

Network of smart thermostat of which helps you provide for energy-usage efficiency. This seamless interactive network of smart thermostats empowers property managers to administrate climax control if tenants are not present, stopping potential pipe breaks due to freezing and more.

Building Management

Powerful software capable of giving you control over your entire physical and electrical infrastructure, I.E. lighting systems, HVAC, Intercom, irrigation system, elevator, intrusion, CCTV, access control, and more, all these systems unified under one dashboard, allowing you to administrate all your components more efficiently, automating schedules and improving performance.

Gas Leak Alerting System

Vital gas sensors network that alerts you when gas leaks are detected, notifying when in presence of high risk flammable gas, sensors are strategically located to be first in contact in the event of a gas leak for prompt repairs, evacuation or any standard operating procedure.

Water Damage Prevention System

Non- intrusive water sensor network designed to alert of potential flooding the moment water is detected, allowing for an immediate water shut off where permitted, instantaneously notifying maintenance team, administration and ownership for a quick response.

Intrusion Alerting Module

First level security, this alerting system notifies of intrusion or lock tampering in each unit, enhancing your current alarm system or using it’s standalone module.

accessible wherever you are


The system was designed to facilitate the user the handling and understanding of the variables of his daily environment and thus provide him with comfort, safety and protection


The system is adaptable for almost any requirement or task


The system provides the user alert messages in case of an eventuality and displays real-time variables.


We have staff trained professional to solve any eventuality in the shortest possible time and the best assistance regarding consultations.

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